Private and VIP Services

TOP TS combines expertise and industry leading knowledge and delivers private and VIP services at anytime.  When there is a political situation or a client is in need of a low profile operation, it may be advantageous to take emphasis away from the security services to provide a safer environment. This allows for all services to run smoothly without bringing any extra attention to the low profile operation. One of the unique features of TOP-TS SECURITY service is to be a key provider of discreet protection. Maintaining a low profile not only provides the client with a work and living environment that is both safe and pleasant, but also helps to identify unusual, suspicious behaviour, giving another viewpoint that the attacker is neither used to or prepared for.


The TOP TS security team incorporates experts in the field of securing VIPs and delegations operatives with extensive experience in planning and implementing security arrangements for high-ranking local and foreign dignitaries, visiting heads of state, business community leaders, media figures and more. This experience includes working worldwide where they cooperate fully with local law enforcement or military authorities as needed.