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Security Services

TOP TS Security provides a wide variety of security services .Clients include private individuals, small and large-scale businesses and organizations, and anyone in need of special security arrangements. In the following page outlines…

Security Consulting

TOP-TS SECURITY currently trains Presidential and National Guards and Special Forces units in several countries around the world. We are also consultants to a number of end-user governments with regard to their security concerns.

Security Planning

We at TOP TS know the preparation and planning that is involved when organizing an event.  That is why we offer or exclusive security planning program.  Our security professionals and specialists will sit with you and make a full proof security plan.

What we Offer

Security Services

VIP Protection

The TOP-TS SECURITY team includes experts in the field of securing VIPs and delegations operatives with extensive experience in planning and implementing security arrangements for high-ranking local and foreign dignitaries, visiting heads of state, business community leaders, media figures and more.

Infrastructure Security

The primary concern of many high-profile facilities managers is the protection of their premises from the threat of criminals, internal troublemakers or international terrorist organizations. We will create a top of the line plan to reduce all risks. Scedule a meeting with us to analyze your security needs.

Event Security

The primary concern of many sports sites or any other events is the protection of their premises from the threat of criminals, troublemakers or terrorist organizations.

Delegation Security

TOP-TS SECURITY provide protection to delegations. Based on models developed by experienced Service’s Dignitaries and Delegation Protection Unit.

Low Profile

When political situations require or client desires a Low-Profile Operation, it may be advantageous to reduce the notice pad to the client and his/her need for protection.

Security Training

In Light of recent global changes, we find ourselves in an ever-growing
need for quality security services, those who can withstand the potential risks
of physical danger and property damages. This need has extended not only
to high-profile professionals such as politicians and executives, but also to
private individuals, as well as companies and organizations as a whole.

  • Security and Safety guidelines.
  • Protection guidelines
  • Protection during travel (Transit and indoors)
  • Event security and personal security
  • Detection of suspicious activity
  • Inspection procedure: Facilities, vehicles & persons.
  • Planning of a security operation
  • Case Studies
  • Security & Team work
  • Questioning guidelines
  • Explosives – overview training
  • Emergency protocol
  • Weapon – Theory

About TOP TS

TOP TS Security provides extensive services to countless individuals and organizations worldwide. Services vary from corporate consultations, training and solutions for large commercial organizations, to private security and bodyguard services. Through a professional approach to our offered services our teams are highly equipped, experienced and specialized in their respective fields. Such professionalism is of crucial significance as this field requires adept management of fatal near-death situations on a regular basis.