Infrastructure Security

The primary concern of many high-profile facilities managers is the protection of their premises from the threat of criminals, internal troublemakers or international terrorist organizations. We will create a top of the line plan to reduce all risks.  TOP-TS SECURITY also provides internationally trained consultants and instructors, specializing in Facility security. This also includes establishment of a professional, autonomous security units and system to give maximum response to the threats of the security of your site. Whether an apartment or a gallery, or a high profile house, our infrastructure security services will guarantee a safe establishment.


The first step in creating a solid Security, Safety and Emergency Plans is to complete a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the site existing infrastructure and security vulnerabilities.


After assessment is completed of your building, a comprehensive security design including business continuity is presented. After a thorough evaluation and assessment of the existing site infrastructure has been completed, we can then evaluate the existing architecture and engineer a solution to achieve the site security goals.


This will optimize features, explore upgrades, and then recalculates vulnerabilities and risk with improvements made to the facilities. In the end, you will know what can be implemented to the faculties and the improvements that will be made. Most importantly, it will tell you the estimated cost to make the improvements and there impact

The framework of the program consist the following:

  • Survey – Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Analysis of the existing security system.
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Security Systems Planning and Design
  • Security Concept
  • System Testing