Event Security

Whether you are attending a sporting event, a concert or any event with a high volume of people, TOP TS security will provide you with a tailor made security program that will allow you to be at ease knowing your event is fully protected. We help the event’s organizers to face the security challenges of today. Our experts have the experience and skills to carry out all components of physical security, starting from Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, which are essential tools in order to carry out a Security Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis. The process goes through Security Planning, Security engineering, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, Training and System Auditing.

The framework of the program consist the following:

  • Survey – Risk Analysis and Vulnerability assessments
  • Analysis of the existing security system.
  • Development Security Concept
  • Security Systems Planning and
  • Equipment Specifications
  • System Testing
  • Writing security protocol and procedures.
  • Implementation

Implementation the efficiency of all security arrays is in direct correlation with the proficiency of its personnel thereof we provide a security seminar on the following issues:

  • Integral Security Systems – The Security Cycle of the Sport Event.
  • The Security Concept and the Security Circles.
  • The Threat of Global Terror and the Organized Crime
  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Security of Mega Events
  • Explosive Devices and Weapon of Mass Destruction
  • Security Assessment and Risk Management
  • Physical Security Master Plan and Security Organization
  • Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery
  • Leadership & Decision making
  • Preparation of Defensive and Offensive Security Files
  • Preventive behaviour and security awareness

Table Exercises