Security Consulting

TOP-TS SECURITY currently trains Presidential and National Guards and Special Forces units in several countries around the world. We are also consultants to a number of end-user governments with regard to their security concerns. TOP-TS SECURITY also trains counter-terrorism units worldwide. These training programs and courses conducted by TOP-TS SECURITY specialists can be conducted as per client preference. Periodic refresher training is available after deployment of operatives to their designated assignments.

TOP-TS SECURITY designs tailor-made training courses in the protection of Diplomatic Missions and Key Installations for Government Agency/Law Enforcement and Corporate Security Officers and other qualified personnel. These courses are based on the latest experienced counter-terrorism know-how.

TOP-TS SECURITY units are cross-trained in many different areas of expertise:

Training courses in various aspects of combat tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of each client. Theoretical material accompanies the main focus on hands-on training and tactical exercises on the use of various firearms in different combat situations and highly effective hand-to-hand combat methods as well as various forms of martial arts and sniper training.

Tactical Assault teams
Tactical and combat training for assault units, anti-terror units and SWAT teams.
Course content can be customized and can include:

  • introduction to terrorist and organized crime activity in terms of trends and modi operandi;
  • security doctrines and tactical thinking;
  • hand-to-hand combat and the diverse use of firearms.
  • simulations and operational exercises
  • refresher drills and simulations
  • candidate screening techniques
  • customizing operational procedures taking into account different threats and different scenarios including hostage scenarios
  • defining necessary equipment: weapons, communications and vehicles